Saturday, May 9, 2009

where i've realized holidays are hard with out some help

Easter would have been a disaster if it wasn't for my great families! The Easter bunny would have even stopped by our house with out my mom watching the kids for me the day before, so I could go and tell the Easter bunny what to bring.
On Saturday my mom had the egg hunt & dinner at her house (Nic made heavenly cheesy potatoes- why do I love them so much?). And my poor deprived kids learned what "dying eggs" meant. Lily was very intense about decorating (dressing up) her egg. & a big thanks to my dad for helping her out. with the ratio of 3 kids to 2 arms an extra set always helps. Especially when pictures must be taken.
cute cousin Kate

After the kids were done & Dave & Gordon had worked their mad egg dying skills, Gordon and I went to work on our own creations. Gordon's is ready for some church ball

And I was a lot less creative, oh well they all can't be winners

On Sunday we had another great dinner and another exciting hunt at my in-laws. Most of it is on video but this was my sad attempt at getting my kids to forget their loot for 2 seconds so I could get a picture

Luckily I got help from my sister in-law Steph (aka the favorite Aunt) and I was able to get a few good shots- Thanks Steph!

Thank heaven for family!
We love YOU!!!


Steph Wynder said...

Such cute kids! I can't wait to see Lily's CUTE CUTE new haircut in person tomororw . . .

Yo Momma said...

I have to say, you do have a great family. And I totally include mysefl in that! (Just kidding.)

Jana said...

Yo Mamma, you should not be kidding, you are great! Good times were had by all at Easter.

JaNae said...

I definately include you when talking about family. How could I not? & you went private and I know you invited me but blogger still won't let me see your blog- would you mind inviting me again?