Thursday, May 7, 2009

where Niels liked his new crib for about 2 seconds

Well it was really more like a few hours. He really was excited at first. He did not want to get out once I put him in. He stayed in it, kissing the little dogs on the sheet & begging Lily to get him a new book every few minutes. but then he was done and when it was time for bed he had forgotten how much he loved it. Lucky for me I had already been through all this with Kail. So I pulled out my "super nanny" moves and made it work. Although some mornings he's back in my bed and I have no recollection on how he got there. I'm thinking telekinesis.
see happy
now not so sure
he's signing 'treat' here. as in: "mom where's the treat you promised me for getting in this prison cell you've banished me to?"

now really not happy

and finally, going to throw himself overboard

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