Thursday, May 7, 2009

where someone got a much needed haircut

No, it wasn't me, it was LILY!
here's the (right) before
And here's the after
My sister Nic is the queen of the bob. She's been telling me for awhile that Lily should get a good cut (especially when I complained about how thin & straight her hair is) So I finally decided to do it. and it is so cute and so easy to do! She wakes up in the morning and already looks ready for the day. When with her long hair I felt I had to put it up and within 2 seconds it was falling out & she looked homeless. I LOVE it- Thanks Nic!

side view:

The one downside- she looks so grown up!


Jana said...

She looks so old! It looks so cute. I loved it when E did not care about her hair and I could always keep it in a short bob. E's hair is not half as long as Lily's was and it is so straggly. Super cute.

Stacey and Mel said...

Cute, cute, Lily! Oh that Anna would want the same!

Wendy said...

Darling!! I love it.