Friday, May 8, 2009

where sometimes I feel the need to move to San Fransisco

Or at least one of the surrounding areas. Why might you ask? Because there are so many classes I need to be taking and they are being taught there! & especially the Copperplate calligraphy class at Words of a Feather. I'm in love with calligraphy & have been ever since I won the best handwriting award for my awesome calligraphy in the 3rd grade. Yes I've been holding on to that one for a while & pulling it out whenever I need it. Plus my personal handwriting is atrocious! Anything to help it out would be worth big $.

Please Ms Melissa Titone offer a crash course over a week and I will fly out & learn as much as I can then come back to Utah and practice practice practice - I promise!

Hat tip- Jordan Ferney (oh happy day)


juice said...

DO IT!!! You should so move here!

JaNae said...

I would, if it weren't so dang expensive! I know I could talk Gary into going to PA school out there- but oh wait now that I think about it that wouldn't even be an option because he just re-inlisted for another 3 years- there goes that awesome plan!