Thursday, June 4, 2009

where I'm pretty sure I need to buy & renovate a french cottage

I was perusing some blogs and ran across one I haven't seen before & am wondering how could I have missed it. Stephmodo is a great blog with lots of pretty pictures, great ideas and yummy looking recipes (maybe it will help solve my worst question ever problem) Anyway, she & her husband have bought a 400 year old cottage in France (pictured below- no really it's the one pictured below the one next to the castle & the view) and they are renovating it!
I am not jealous at all /sarc.
It sits right next to a castle and just look at those views.

Did I mention the view? Apparently on the drive up one of the many views is of another castle the same one seen in one of my all time favorite movies, the same movie that got me through my first month of marriage & no cable- ie Ever After

You must go and read about how they acquired it. And to see the darling picture of her kids playing on the hill next to the castle.

so amazing!

Here is a photo of a wall they just recently uncovered, I want to live there, even with the dirt floor.

I wonder if I offer to help out she'll let me stay there.
Even though I have no renovating skills I could always babysit. Oh and I could cook- I make a mean pancake ;)


juice said...

I am with you!!! I would love to live in a French a cute little French Provence! I am obsessed with the show on HGTV...House Hunter International. Some of the places they show are amazing!

JaNae said...

right? right? I'm so glad you agree. Although it would never happen for me, even if I did have the cash- Gary apparently dislikes the french, don't ask me why, I have no idea- maybe because they have a worse reputation for being mean than him- ha ha!