Wednesday, June 3, 2009

where it's been a lot harder than I expected to have my husband back

let me clarify for you ie the husband (Gary read the heading and thought I was being mean)
It's harder than I thought to:
  • share the authority again
  • clean up after an extra person
  • wonder where the _______ is
  • have to sync up my schedule daily
  • share my teeny tiny bathroom
  • have more things cluttering my teeny tiny house
  • discuss money on a daily basis
  • have to hear the worst question EVER from one more person*

But it's wonderful to:

  • have my best friend home
  • have someone else discipline
  • have an extra pair of helping hands
  • get things done around the house
  • have my children's dad home
  • get a break from putting the kids to bed
  • have Kail's energy released by daily jogs with dad
  • have someone to run errands for me (yea!!!)
  • go grocery shopping by myself
  • give my parents a break from babysitting

so you see while there are some hard things that I'll figure out how to deal with sooner or later there are many many more things that negate all the others & make me more than happy to have my husband home

- even if he is going to be working graves- blah ;)

*if you are wondering what the worst question EVER is see a few posts up

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