Thursday, July 30, 2009

i lovely love my family, the roots & yo gabba gabba

I'm planning a block party with my neighbor amelia & it will also be to celebrate Niels' 2nd birthday- my sad attempt at making it up to him for pushing it to the side in May. & since I'm having a get together I'm sure the Roots would agree to swing by & sing this & maybe some others for us. They won't even have to bring their own meat.

Then I'm sure the Ting Tings could drop by and sing happy birthday

I love Yo Gabba Gabba

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

new baby!! YEA

This gorgeous girl...

(my sis Nic. And just so you know I went and visited her the day she had him and, yes she looked this gorgeous. She's making me look bad- well she always has so that's nothing new. Love you Nic!)

...just gave birth to this handsome guy who....

(Yale is his name & I could not be happier he came along. Now I'm not the only one with a little boy on my side of the family. And, yes, he is even more adorable in real life- a perfect gentleman)

...just so happens to look a lot like this handsome guy

(My baby brother Gordon, or Dordie as the nieces and nephews call him when they are first learning to talk. Isn't he blindingly goodlooking? He's amazingly sweet, super smart, and loves kids- he's still single ladies-if you'd like a date leave a comment with your email!

Yea for new babies!!