Friday, August 28, 2009

in the garden or not so much

This year I had some extreme plans for my little piece of dirt out behind my home. unfortunately the husband was not as excited as I was about weeding and what not. So it has been going slowly I mean snail pace slow- no slower than that- I mean waiting for christmas morning when you are 7 years old slow. I try to do a little here & a little there but those weeds adore my back yard too much. so I'm shooting for fall, who wants to work in 90 degree weather anyway. So with out my back yard up and running we tend to stay out front where it's taken care of for us (starting at 7 am every monday and tuesday)
The other morning we noticed we had some new visitors to our frontyard oasis. At first there were three but only two remained the next day. We decided that they would be our pets & in being part of this family they had to be named. We decided on Joe & Carolyn. And they stayed for about a week. It was fun to hear Kail wake up, go out side and say "good morning Joe & carolyn" & I got a good giggle out of hearing lily proclaim "oh look carolyn and joe are playing piggyback!" I wasn't ready for that talk so I said "how nice that they play well together" Well then Joe and carolyn got tired of playing piggy back and joe left. Carolyn lingered a few more days then she was gone too. Off to make a new safer, aways from prying eyes, home for her new brood. We hope they are doing well.
(my neighbor Ameilia is relieved they're gone seeing as how she is deathly afraid of the little green monsters and is apparently attacked by them even when trying everything she can to avoid them)

Since I don't have a back yard of my own I've been livng vicariously through other people's in person like my dad's & also through lovely pictures on blogs. Like the ones below.
This is Jim Kumiega's secret garden, he works for Flora Grubb gardens -enough said. The fabulous part? it's all completely planted in containers- WoW! How fun would that be? My neighbors backyard on the other side of me is almost completely concrete except for a sweet little unruly vegetable patch with a tomato plant that has a mind of it's own. I think they should do something like Jims garden.
Or something like this. A little less in the plant deptartment but wonderful all the same. One of these days I'm going to figure out how to make that verticle garden and do a smaller version for my backyard.

Seeing these make me want to go back to school to be a landscape designer or maybe just go work in my own back yard.

*and for those of you who read this blog at regular intervals aren't you happy for this post so that Roots video no longer comes up, I love the song but was so tired of hearing it

Monday, August 24, 2009

the CPSIA + your garage sale = death of children

Thank heaven for the government and their over regulation of everything. I mean if it wasn't for them I might have let my baby play with a hand made wooden toy while sitting in a car seat that is more than 4 years old all the while wearing a hand me down sweater that hasn't been tested for traces of lead or arsenic for that matter! I mean he could DIE at any moment! I'm such an irresponsible parent I'm glad the government found the time and money to let me know exactly how I should be raising my children. There are days I think "how did I ever make it to be an adult without the wonderful supervision of the government we have now" It's a miracle we're all still alive.
(and if you can't tell- it is sarcasm)

Well watch out because they are back and meaner than ever. Now they are coming after your garage sales. In THIS story found via Hot Air it tells us "The initiative, which targets toys and other products for children, enforces a new provision that makes it a crime to resell anything that’s been recalled by its manufacturer. …" (the emphasis is mine)
"Those who resell recalled children's products are not only breaking the law, they are putting children's lives at risk," said Inez Tenenbaum, the recently confirmed chairwoman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

How dare you put children's lives at risk!

Whatever happened to common sense & personal responsibility? While I understand that toys are recalled for a reason I think making it a criminal act is ridiculous.

(Lets burn some books too)

AHHH the joys of big government

here is a picture of my son wearing a hand- me-down hat and sweater. That sweater is 30+ years old & clearly causing my son great pain. How could I have ever let him wear it? I should have run to the store immediately and bought him a Go Diego Go, made in China, who knows what kind of crap it's made with & how many young children working on it for pennies, jacket at Walmart. The CPSIA should just come arrest me now.


Saturday, August 15, 2009

my lily

Five years ago I had my sweet baby girl

Where does the time go?

We love Lily and her wild imagination,
her quirky comments on life,
her clumsiness,
& all the lovliness she has brought into our home.
Happy Birthday Lily-lulu!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the night max wore his wolf suit and made mischief of one kind then another....

This new preview is making me so excited to see this movie.

I love the Max character because I know it emulates many if not all little boys. And Kail and Max seem to have a bit too much in common. Kail used to have me read this to him at least twice a night when he was little.
Now when I read it to Niels, Kail comes in to see & pretend to not want to read a baby book. But when I see his lips moving because he still remembers every word,
I know my big boy isn't so very big.

"....I'll eat you up I love you so."

Monday, August 10, 2009

botographers & silent music

on the way down to my mom's tonight:

Kail: I like Brother Canlas

Me: Yeah? Did you know he's a photographer. That means he takes pictures for a living

Kail: That would be fun

Me: He's a very good photographer

Lily: My friend is a good botographer.

Me: oh yeah? who's your friend?

Lily: Carol. She takes good pictures of me and Owen

Me: what about me? do I take good pictures?

Lily: Well.... you take A LOT of pictures!

A few minutes later:

Lily: mom if everyone is real quiet I can hear music no one can hear. Then I can show you it.

Me: Alright let's be quiet.

*silence for about 2 minutes*

Lily: starts singing her version of Nephi's Courage

*5 minutes later it's still going- amazingly Kail is listening & not saying a word*

*7 minutes into it we get to Orem and the song ends abruptly*

Lily: *singing* and that's why Nephi was braaaaaave!

* we clap and Kail and I share a wink*

I love being shown the music that only Lily can hear.