Monday, August 10, 2009

botographers & silent music

on the way down to my mom's tonight:

Kail: I like Brother Canlas

Me: Yeah? Did you know he's a photographer. That means he takes pictures for a living

Kail: That would be fun

Me: He's a very good photographer

Lily: My friend is a good botographer.

Me: oh yeah? who's your friend?

Lily: Carol. She takes good pictures of me and Owen

Me: what about me? do I take good pictures?

Lily: Well.... you take A LOT of pictures!

A few minutes later:

Lily: mom if everyone is real quiet I can hear music no one can hear. Then I can show you it.

Me: Alright let's be quiet.

*silence for about 2 minutes*

Lily: starts singing her version of Nephi's Courage

*5 minutes later it's still going- amazingly Kail is listening & not saying a word*

*7 minutes into it we get to Orem and the song ends abruptly*

Lily: *singing* and that's why Nephi was braaaaaave!

* we clap and Kail and I share a wink*

I love being shown the music that only Lily can hear.


juice said...

I like Brother Canlas too! And YES....Lily and I are friends!!!! Too cute!

Stacey and Mel said...

I love Lily--and so does Anna!

Jana said...

Love that Lils. I was sitting down and had Kira on my lap the other day when your kids were at my moms house and Lily came up to Kira and squeezed her cheeks and said "you's a chub!"

Kat said...

That is so cute. :) I love moments like that.