Wednesday, September 23, 2009

we have not died- yet

I know you all are extremely concerned but I'm back to reassure you that no we have not died or fallen off the face of the planet, although I can't speak for the husband I haven't spoken with him for a day 1/2 so who knows ;) Apparently I am running low on "disk space" whatever that is. I blame it on all my pictures that I need to get onto disks or developed for my non-existent photo albums. Soon it will happen because even though I know maybe 2 people still care to check in on me from time to time I love blogging & HATE that facebook is killing blogs left and right. So I promise to have updates and new pictures soon but for now I'll leave you with this new family picture taken by my brother Gordon.

My sister was in town with her family and we decided it would be a good time to get a family picture with everyone unfortunately it wasn't thought through enough and my brother shawn flew in after my bro-in-law,Tim, flew out. (Honestly) It's a good thing we didn't hire someone like I wanted to. they turned out okay but I'll still be getting someone who knows what they're doing to take a nice picture of my own family.