Tuesday, October 20, 2009

oh no!

Remember THIS post? about our loverly pet manti, mantis, mantises (honestly what is the plural?) Carolyn & Joe? Well we have an update on those two love birds*
*it's not pretty

The other day Lily was helping me hack my way through the jungle of weeds in the out of site, out of mind backyard. As we worked toward a corner Lily excitedly informed me she had found our long lost friends Joe & Carolyn. She sat there studying them for a few seconds while waving me over and insisting I drop in to say hi. As I was leaning my double edged hoe* against the fence I heard her cry out
"Oh NO!"
I ran over (okay, my backyard isn't that big) quickly took the two steps over to where she was and asked what was wrong.
"Carolyn is EATING Joe!"
she told me in utter shock, horror & disbelief.
What do you tell a 5 yr old after she witnesses one of her favorite pets whole heartedly consuming the other? I was about to start explaining the wonderful & wonderous circle of life. How when one thing dies it helps feed another, but she beat me to it,
"EWWW she just bit his head off his body- that's so COOL!"

RIP joe

* while purchasing this wonderful double edged hoe at Home Depot a man waiting for his paint asked me what sort of tool I had and what was I going to use it for. I was in shock- SHOCK! "why it's a double edged hoe" I politely & incredulously informed him, "it's used for weeding and turning up dirt." He acted as though it was the most ingenious thing he's ever seen. Then promptly help up his 500 gal container of liquid poisonous weed killer, "this is my double edged hoe" He chuckled- uh yeah gotch-ya.


Carolyn said...

You know I am laughing my head off right now!!! You know....Carolyn was the meaner one out of the two...I am not surprised in the least that she ate Joe right up!!!

Carolyn said...

You know, you know, you know...I know I wrote that 10 times in my post...I should read and edit before I publish my thoughts!!! Sorry!

JaNae said...

I love it!
and we love you guys, if you couldn't tell by us naming random bugs after you.