Thursday, October 29, 2009

sick, sicker, sickerest *update*

we're sick
it bites
no one likes cleaning up things that should just stay put
especially me
especially not at 3 am

*Now that we're all feeling better & I can sort of laugh about it I should inform all of you that I am now the expert at cleaning up throw-up and am also the expert in reading the warning signs of when it will make an appearance and the best way to get the kid in front of a toilet.
a quick tip: the sink is NOT a good choice for throw-up, but I know a good home remedy for unclogging that sink if you happen to make that mistake & it's 1 am and your husband is at work- oh your husband isn't at work at 1 am? -huh, well I guess you can forget the home remedy & just send him to the store for Drano.


Devry said...

oh that stinks!!! i was just thinking about calling you to see if you wanted to get the kids together tomorrow. oh well. get well soon!

Carolyn said...

What the....I've been sick for 3 days this week and so has Taylor!!!! NURSERY?????!!!!!

Janet said...

I'm sorry! Get feeling better!

Jana said...

Oh boy, you should put the details of what you really were cleaning up at 3am, still so sorry, maybe you will be able to tell that story and laugh about it in about 15 years,

Kat said...

Sorry to hear that you guys have been sick. I hope you're feeling better. Thanks for your help with Brinley today in nursery. She loves the bubbles you guys brought by. :)

juice said...

I am so sorry you guys were all sick! That is horrible! I am glad you are feeling better...NOT FUN!!!:(