Friday, November 6, 2009

sweet nothings or loverlies

I couldn't decide what to name these posts I'm going to start doing to remember the little lovelies (hey that's good too) I find & want to remember & catalog because you never know when someone is going to want to start paying me to do this- ;)

On you are my fave she had a post about this Jcrew sweater asking someone to do a tutorial on how to make this because the original was sold out ($118 dollar sold out) and Anjelica at mismatcherie did it! yea for her & us. Someone get this girl a gold star. This is one I definitely will do, someday

Remember this tutorial by laura from orange beautiful ? another gorgeous piece of clothing from Jcrew

And speaking of ruffles. Here's another tutorial from Etsy's blog the storque

I will make the pillow as long as I can have the eames rocker too.

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Holland said...

i am loving that sweater and everything else from that lovely store. i need to start making some money so i can buy their clothes.