Monday, November 16, 2009

what is it about yarn stores?

Especially cute little ones run out of a 60's style converted home, with cute stylish Oma's- one showing you where the yarn of your choice is and the other entertaining your mini's with a giant knitted ball that makes you want to have a shop just like it squeezed into your closet craft room? What is it about the way the yarn is placed so orderly and the way the big comfy chairs are set up just so, begging you to have a seat and knit yourself a blanket to cozy up with and stay a while? What is it about all the scrumptious colors and textures that makes you want to touch and squeeze everything in site?
And what is it about yarn stores that when I go in for one skein makes me not able to pry myself away without four or five?

I just bought my yarn for the scarf I'm making for a soldier in Afghanistan (yea!). Needless to say, I bought more than I should have *smiling mischievously*. Hey the husband is going to be deployed some day, I thought I'd knit him one too and let him choose his favorite color.

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