Thursday, December 10, 2009

bah humbug

I hate holidays
(but not really)
I love the idea of it all
I hate my holidays
. . . because . . .
I'm a procrastinator
I've known for 11 & 1/2 months
that Christmas was coming
eleven and a half months- wasted
why do I wait until the last minute
until everything is super crazy busy
and I can't think or find anything to get anyone
and I want to yell at and strangle everyone
completely loosing the wonderful Christmas spirit?
next year
I promise
to do much
much better

ps- my computer was stepped on by one of my wonderful, beautiful, talented, amazing, clever, precious angels, and I have yet to fix it. Gary won't let me install my camera software on his so no new pictures. but I'll get it fixed soon because I know you are all dying to see those cherubic, innocent, lovely, well behaved munchkins

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

you know what's awesome?

It's so awesome when you've had a busier than normal day and you've finally made it to the grocery store. And you have just enough time to grab some essentials before you have to run to go pick up your son from school, who doesn't really want you to pick him up and lets you know it with a groan, because what he really wants is to walk all the way to Aunt Nicole's house where she has homemade cookies waiting. The essentials aren't nearly enough to fill your empty refrigerator & pantry shelves but you're pretty sure a few apples, some lunch meat, a bunch of bananas, Oreos, sour dough bread and some kabobs for dinner can tide you over until you get another chance to go with only 2 kids screaming and yelling in tow. It's so awesome while walking around the grocery store peoples eyes linger on you a little longer than normal. And, it's not your kids they are looking at but you. It's awesome when you think you must be looking better than normal- a lot better than normal. Which is completely out of character for you because normally if someone was to look at you too long or smile at you, your first reaction is to rush to the nearest mirror to see how big the zit, that must have magically appeared, really is. but no it's awesome that you just keep right on strolling at a fast pace with a smile on your face because you must be looking goo-ood.
And you want to know what's really awesome? After fighting with your 2 yr old about what he can and cannot put on the checkout stand, and informing your 5 yr old for the 100th time that she can't open her yogurt in the middle of the store no matter how hungry she is, you notice the checker looking at your shirt. It's so awesome when you look down to see what she is looking at and you're shocked to find that your garments have worked their way up and out of your shirt and you are displaying your religion loud and proud. It's really awesome when you realize that is why you were getting those long looks and suspicious smiles. And it's super awesome when you have to remind yourself, with a growing red face & trying to strategically pull and shove the rogue garments back into your clothes while pushing the cart out of the store as quickly as possible, that thinking the worst may, in your case, always be the best.