Thursday, December 10, 2009

bah humbug

I hate holidays
(but not really)
I love the idea of it all
I hate my holidays
. . . because . . .
I'm a procrastinator
I've known for 11 & 1/2 months
that Christmas was coming
eleven and a half months- wasted
why do I wait until the last minute
until everything is super crazy busy
and I can't think or find anything to get anyone
and I want to yell at and strangle everyone
completely loosing the wonderful Christmas spirit?
next year
I promise
to do much
much better

ps- my computer was stepped on by one of my wonderful, beautiful, talented, amazing, clever, precious angels, and I have yet to fix it. Gary won't let me install my camera software on his so no new pictures. but I'll get it fixed soon because I know you are all dying to see those cherubic, innocent, lovely, well behaved munchkins


courtney said...

ha ha! that is me too. i thought i was doing pretty well this year, but then i got 3 christmas cards in the mail yesterday and we still haven't decided if we are even going to send a card this year. people really must start getting ready in june or something...

Melissa said...

I feel your pain. I started shopping yesterday. Started a new

Hope you can survive the holidays!

Holland said...

hi there sis. i like your post because i do the same thing. thanks again for picking up those apples. you saved my bacon.