Friday, January 29, 2010

'she's a fox' or kids mullets rule

if you remember 6th grade mullets, tween angst, and fun runs then the film 'she's a fox' is a must see!
Written & directed & narrated by Cameron Sawyer.
My sister and I just watched this tonight and we were laughing so hard. & maybe that's because half the characters were based on some of our childhood friends. but even if you didn't know Talia or Cameron or Ross Williams personally this film hits home with anyone who "went out" with the love of their life in the 6th grade for a whole week- if you were lucky.
Plus there are some awesome mullets
& the ASL alphabet signing- did you and your friends do that to communicate to each other across the lunch room like my friends and I did? (we were so good at it)

Click HERE or on the picture to see the movie.

(Jake Magnum- who wasn't in love with you?)

Friday, January 8, 2010

my heart is

full, broken, aching
all for this family I don't know, after reading about the precious baby they just lost.
& the beautiful words and beliefs that mimic my own.
I wish I had beautiful words to give them to make the hurting stop.
but all they ask for is prayers.
& that is something I can give.

Years ago I had this friend & neighbor. Our two little boys (big boys now) were only a few days apart in age, and the cutest little things ever. We would go walking together in the mornings and discuss everything under the sun. One of our conversations was about how blessed we were. About how we knew people in our lives that had too many deaths and disease to count. We wondered in our own lives how we got so lucky. Or maybe it was a countdown. Maybe we'll all have these things happen and it's just a matter of time. We wondered when it would be our time. Stephanie moved away and we lost contact. I'm not sure how she is now but I still wonder when will it be my time, to have heartache.
I don't know if it will ever come
I do know that I am blessed
And I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for that.


or maybe I should put- HoliDAAAAAYYYSSSS- AAAAAHHHH!!!

I'm going to post pictures soon...maybe.

but I just have to say as much as I loved this past holiday season, yes it ended up being a good one no help from my procrastination, it's still staring me in the face. Not everything has been put away and I'm not sure if it ever will.
I need to find some serious reslove before I end up watching myself on the show Hoarders.
and a reminder to me for next year- fat girl may love cheese balls but that doesn't mean fat girl should go to the store and buy one for fat girl to eat by herself.
Thank goodness for New Years resolutions and a jogging stroller.