Thursday, February 18, 2010

christmas '09

wouldn't you know it, a bunch of my christmas pictures are gone, deleted off my camera- bah humbug

I didn't take a lot this year, I was more concerned about video taping. & trying to get Gary to help out in the memory keeping dept. is a tough sell.  Oh well.

This was our first year to do the nativity with the grandkids.  and it was pure entertainment.
Kail was Joseph, Kaitlyn was Mary and little baby Yale was Jesus.
Lily, Kate & Sophie were angels, Niels was a shepherd & little Sydney was a lamb- the cutest lamb ever.

we couldn't find a lamb stuffed animal so Niels had his trusty sheep dog at his side, well actually it's a type of terrier but we'll just pretend.  & poor little Sydney was so tired after all the excitement.

Probably the most entertaining part was these three (Shawn, Dave & Gordon) dressing up as the three wise men and really getting into their parts.  Dave ended up being the donkey that Mary rode in on too.
and here was our narrator, see that red book on his lap? That is one of our Christmas songbooks that we have had as long as I can remember.

It was a fun holiday, even though I waited until the last minute to get everything.  We have decided to keep things as simple as possible for our holidays.  The kids only get three presents each.  And they don't know any better.  Although i don't think Lily understood the 'each' part because Christmas morning I heard her go into Kail's room to wake him up and she said "Kail we got way more than 3 presents!" I told my mom she's not allowed to show my kids any home movies of my Christmases growing up.  I don't know how my parents did it but my siblings and I made a killing every year.

I wish I had a picture of my tree!  We buy a small, small tree that fits inside of our bay window.  It's so cute.  the neighborhood kids are always a little concerned over the size of it.  Every time our  favorite neighbor, Queen bee,  came over she would suggest we go get a big tree, or tall tree, or real tree. It was so funny.  But I assured her we were happy with the one we had.

It was a great Christmas filled with homemade snowflakes, school christmas programs, family, & caramel apples. Which reminds me; I never got out my neighbor gifts, I'm sure it will happen one day.


mckenzie said...

I love the dog sheep:)

Hall Fam said...

love it! i love the grown boys being included. chad always makes ours entertaining.

courtney said...

we do 3 presents each too! i love it. great pictures, great christmas.