Wednesday, February 24, 2010

speaking of easter

I just had some long forgotten film developed and found some great photos.  These are of Easter when we were in NC.
 I have about 10 of this photo and this is the most normal one of Lily.

 There were not a lot of places to hide the eggs. The grass by the new building next door hadn't even been put in yet, so really we just had about 5-10 feet to hide the eggs oh and our porch.  But I guess with minis this young you don't have to be too creative.  
And speaking of creative; I had left all non-essential items at home (ie holiday stuff) so I made Kail & Lily's Easter baskets, out of paper.- Thanks Martha!

When I saw this photo I laughed so hard, I had forgotten Lily went through this fake smile stage, so funny

Now here's a real smile, she found the money egg- she's got her Aunt Nic's luck!

 Our "fat boy", now that he's thinned out, people (my dad to be exact) don't know why I call him chubs & fat boy, Here is your reminder:

Oh NC, I'm glad we were there to be with Gary, but you could not pay me enough to go back!


Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

I love the pics and that you've still got film. Very retro.

courtney said...

lily's giant smile is classic. love the pictures!