Monday, February 15, 2010

working my way backwards

So here I go without editing my pictures or having my computer fixed. but sometimes pictures are way better than words.  & I've decided to start with the last thing I took pictures of and work my way back to where I left off.  Lets begin.

This is the best Christmas present I recieved.  I know I'm a plant nut.  But forced hyacinths? The BEST!  especially when the winter doldrums set in.  
These were given to me by my friend Ashley, who is hilarious & shares my love of gardening. Plus I'm pretty sure I've talked her into getting backyard chickens. One day I'll have some too


Here's Ashley & I on New Years Eve.  So much FUN!


Ashely's significant other, Ryan & his malfunctioning noise maker, it's funny- trust me.
ps this is gary's heterosexual life mate. they're having a bromance
Here is their awesome dog, every time I'm around her I can't help but want one immediately.

And here are our little men.  I left my other two at Grandmas for a sleep over, oh remember how easy it was with just one?  Niels tried to assert his domination this night, man what this kid tries to pull with out his older brother & sister around!  I'm pretty sure Ashley's mini was in complete shock. He sure is a handsome little guy & how cute is that sock monkey blanket?

After a fun night of pizza, playing & fist shaking it was time for the mini's to go to bed so the adults could get their game on- Pictionary that is & of course the girls dominated!

We had so much fun!
Thanks Ryan & Ashley

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Life Is Good said...

I am glad that you liked the flowers. Now I am wishing I had grown some for myself ;)