Monday, March 29, 2010

book club

I keep saying "I need a book club"  and everyone who has invited me to theirs- thank you!
But I've been a giant hermit and not having my live-in babysitter aka the husband it's hard to leave the house.
So I'll share with my online friends what I've been reading and would like to hear your opinion if you have read these & if you have any books to recommend.

I know you've read these, but wow! right?  There are times I want to smack the main character but I also want to be like her.  Am I a total geek if I said I want to take archery lessons now? -my nephew Mason would be proud ;)
Have you read this?  I was almost turned off when I stumbled upon the first swearword but it is about war and being married to the military you have to realize that this is the way it is.  Although the first swear wasn't in the war part of the book so maybe that's why I was thrown.  Okay now I'm completely off topic.
This is a great book!  Although I must warn you again that it is set during World War II so yeah...

Have you read this?  The ending still doesn't sit well with me because of the book club questions at the end.  I wish I could take back the reading of those.

After reading all these books I'm feeling the need more than ever to get; my backyard chickens, a windmill, generator, squarefoot gardens, food storage, 72hr kits, water storage, hunting skills honed, canning skills in place and everything else I need to become self sufficient. 
I've got a lot of work a head of me!


Steph Wynder said...

Not only would be Mason be proud - he would be happy to take you to the Salt Lake Archery Center and do a lesson or two with you!

JaNae said...

I seriously will have to do that.
oh I really am turning into a geek- ha ha!

courtney said...

i've read (ok i didn't technically read but listened to on mp3) both the hunger games and catching fire. loved them. i think the 3rd comes out this fall? my niece told me that.

i'll have to check out the other two!

Melissa said...

J- I read the The Giver (per rave reviews and recommendations) and ultimately finished it feeling pretty creeped out and not at all inspired. I got it, I just didn't like it. I'll have to try some some Suzanne Collins' books. Have you read The Help?