Thursday, March 11, 2010


Nope, not my wedding ring- but wouldn't that have been great?

I have been searching for this store for forever! okay so it has only been a few weeks, but, in blog time a few weeks means searching through endlesssssssssssss posts!

But lucky for me miss Stephanie from stephmodo, read my mind & created a new post just for me to find it! Okay so maybe not, but whatever her reasons I have to say thank you!

And now I have the link to Emmerson Made on my blog so I'll never have to search again!
& why am I searching for this store?  Because before things change too much around here *wink wink* I need family pictures taken and if you happen to follow the link you will see the most adorable handmade flowers ever. They even have tie tacs for men or little boys in my case.  So cute!  so many ideas, so little time.

And you have to check out the pictures on their blog- these people are having way too much fun.
(how do I get in on that action)


Jana said...

Are you pregnant!!!!!!??????

Wendy said...

Seriously, you can't just throw *winks* out there and not let your dearest friends in on the *secret* !!!!

Janet said...

Are you? Spill it!!

JaNae said...

Ladies, you make me laugh! :D
No, i'm sorry to disappoint (although no one could be more disappointed than me) no babies here... yet.
the *wink* is for something concerning Gary & his work. some know some don't but we're trying to keep it on the down-low until it gets closer to happening which won't be until May.
so you'll just have to wait and wonder till then- sorry ;)

but I love you all, and lets start praying for a baby so i can *wink* a lot more!

Jana said...

I get the whole baby thing *wink wink* it sucks.