Tuesday, March 23, 2010

our big november '09

Our november in '09 was huge!
Because Kail turned EIGHT!
Eight years old- holy cow I have an 8 yr old
& we all know what that means:
These are the pics of our family and friends who showed up.  & it was no small, insignificant feat for them or me either.  The baptism was at 9 am- I'm not kidding people.  Who schedules anything at that time- on a saturday?  Crazy morning people that's who.
So before I move on I must say a HUGE THANK YOU! to all of you wonderful supportive people who showed up, you are all amazing & earned numerous brownie points in my book

Our newly baptized boy

                    (left)  my brothers, Shawn & Gordon (all the single ladies,
                      put your hands up because I need to get these two married off!) & Mimi & Opa
                 (right) the Hollands- I'm with Kate, mornings are the worst
(left)   Grandma & Grandpa
  (right)    the Wynders            

         (left) the Dave Jorgensens- I love this photo of them, so classic
(right) the Oppermans                                                    

(left) the Saxtons
(right) the Hoops

(left)  the Kunics- our ward bffs                
(right) the best neighbors aka the Hostetters
if we ever move I'm going to pack them up & take them with us

(left)  Brother Vernon (our 2nd Counselor-seriously the nicest man I've ever met) & daughter Avery
(right) Sister Woolcott- Kails Primary teacher & Sister Garcia- Primary President      

Kail also started Boy Scouts!  He had been so excited to start, and now it's official.
he loves it!

I have an 8 yr old..... nope still weird


Jana said...

He looks so cute in his scout outfit. And my face looks so fat in my picture. Are you hanging in there? I think Owen has strep throat, again.... so let me have that clear out and we will give you a breather.

JaNae said...

Oh I'm sorry about Owen! yuck. poor kid.
your face does not look fat! Mine does. I look like I have pregnant face.

Melissa said...

I LOVE this post! Thank for you posting all the pictures. It's so fun to see everyone. Especially the first picture of the family from the GAP ad. Congrats to Kail! And I totally feel your pain on having a 8 year old. Totally weird.
p.s. Where is baby Dave and Kate and what did they finally name her? I never heard the final word.

Julie Earley said...

McKay and I were trying to figure out when exactly we consider our friends to be all grown up. We decided that you weren't a "grown-up" until you had a kid that was baptized and in cub scouts. So there you go, you've hit the transition! Welcome to grown-up-hood :)

JaNae said...

Melissa- Little baby jorgensen was named Brecken & she hadn't been born yet. She is the cutest little thing! Are you friends with Dave on Facebook? He has photo's of her up.

Julie- Grown-up? well alright if you and McKay have decided that's what I am then I'll try my best. but it's going to be hard seeing as how I still feel like I'm 16! ahhhhhh! ;)