Tuesday, March 30, 2010

our september '09

Last September Lily started soccer. She's a natural.
Here are some shots from one of her teams practices.

Here's part of her team.  They do really well!  
& there is nothing more entertaining than watching a group of 5 year olds play another group of  5 yr olds

Our best neighbors took Kail out to a ball game & he loved it.  Adam & Amelia have been so great.  Amelia is always willing to watch my kids & Adam is so nice to share his dad time with Kail. What would we do without them? We love the Hostettors!

                    Kail loves his baseball glove,                    the Queen Bee &Lily showing us their sassy side. 
He slept with it for about a month after this                                                                                        


Holland said...

what great pictures! thanks for posting those awesome pictures of our family. i look like a fatty and kate is hilarious! love ya

courtney said...

work it lily!

Melissa said...

Love the pics. Lily is beautiful. Not hard to see where she got it.