Tuesday, April 20, 2010

well i guess this is what makes life interesting

Gary came home

 he drove my car & it broke
-600$ later it still needs hundreds more but at least it works (for now)

he used the only computer we own, it broke

he drove his car, it broke

I've asked him not to touch anything else

Oh no, I hear him using the washer & dryer,  got to go.......


Kat said...

Oh no! Run, run, run! Go save your washer and dryer! Let me know if you need anything. :) Maybe a sanity break?

Jana said...


mckenzie said...

that's me in our family. :)

JaNae said...

Kat- you should let me know if you need anything. ps I left my sanity behind years ago ;)
Jan- Ha ha!! why is one word so funny?
Mckenzie- sorry it has to be you, way to own up, gary still doesn't believe it's him :)

Wendy said...

Jeremy doesn't break stuff, he just loses everything. Either way, they're both costing us money. Hm.