Monday, May 31, 2010


there are some days when it all feels too much & I can't do it.
then I remember that others have done more

I hope while we are all having fun this Memorial Day we take time to remember those soldiers who have sacrificed all for our freedoms & their families they've left behind!

Monday, May 24, 2010

one week down

I don't hate the military
I just hate that my husband wants to be apart of it.
For completely selfish reasons.
I just want my husband focused on my family.
Not on yours, no offense.
You have a great family.
I want you to be safe.
I want you to have freedoms.
I'd like everyone in the world to have that.
But I'm tired of my husband being one of the people making it possible.
I want him at my kids soccer games.
I want him to tuck my kids in bed more.
To have him read more books.
And change more diapers.
Eat more dinners at home.
Be my husband again.
I'm not supposed to feel this way.
I am a military wife after all.
We're supposed to be unselfish.
I'm tired of being those things.
I'm tired of answering the question of how do I do it.
Because I don't.
I cry a lot.
But not in front of the kids.
I get mad a lot.
And frustrated.
And overwhelmed.
In front of the kids.
I'm working on that.
But I'll still pretend.
To be unselfish.
For the love I have for my kids.
And Soldier.

(I just have to add that even though I can't be mad about this deployment, no I really can't, I love that my sister-in-laws are mad for me- it makes me smile)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

just thought I'd share

I ran across this video shot by Michael Deppisch after watching this video he shot of the flooding in Nashville.  He's also an amazing photographer (of course)

but back to this video, isn't she super cute? & I love the song.  

Monday, May 10, 2010

our august '09

Last August Lily turned 5.  Oh my. 
I am the worst mom because I am scared to throw a friend birthday party so I opt for very last minute family gatherings.  & that's what this was.  Invites were sent out via text a few days in advance.  We had a barbecue at this super cute park in Orem. 

It was hot hot hot!  (Oh, how I long for those days) The cake started to melt & that added to little fingers wanting a preview it ended up more of a disaster cake than the cute confection I had in mind.

We had a pretty good spread.  Kabobs, watermelon, chips & salsa & pasta salad- yummm
My brother Gordon (on the left- still single ladies!)  & the husband was our grill master

Kail & cousin (once or twice removed)  Daisy, see how cute this park is?  all the tables are covered by arbors with wisteria vines growing up them. Kail is half dressed because of the water feature at this park.  The sign says not to play in it because the water isn't treated. Luckily Kail is still with us.

Nic's going to kill me for this photo & I'm going to have to say "deal", I love my sis & she always looks gorgeous.

My brother Chris & daughter Caitlyn- making sure dad looks his best

How cute are these two?  My niece Kate & cousin Devry's mini, Lindsay

all the boys must have called each other beforehand (did you notice the red shirts?).  & my favorite- Izze! (my favorite flavor is pomegranate just in case you felt the need to bring me over a bottle or two) the kids loved having their own with a straw.
ps if you buy bottled drinks you must have straws.

My older sister Nat & her hubby Tim flew all the way out to join us.  Okay it was just a happy coincidence they were in town while in the midst of their move from Germany to Jordan (not the west kind of Jordan the middle east kind), we wish their cute mini's could have come too!

Luckily I had made this bunting banner for Lily's birthday morning at home.  I think it turned out pretty cute.

And my allll time favorite photo.  These two melt my heart!

Lily got a new bike- a beach cruiser. She looks so cute on it.  why no photo?  who knows.
now all we need is a garage to store it in ;)

This last minute party was so much fun!  I'm getting a lot better at throwing these things together, less & less stress each time. I guess practice makes less stress.

do you have any last minute party planning tricks or tips?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I am the proud new owner

at least one good thing came out of this deployment :)