Thursday, July 29, 2010

on my mind

The husband is coming home soon for a short visit before he is shipped off to lands unknown to live out his dreams of being the greatest american hero ;)  While he is here we are getting family photos taken.  And I am stressed!  I seriously have been losing sleep over this.  I want everything to be so perfect; do I have the best shoes? is Lily's dress too dressy? should I cut Niels' hair? why doesn't money grow on trees so I can buy that Emerson Made flower I want?  do we have too many patterns going on? & etc.  
Yesterday at 3 am tossing and turning thinking about all this I was convinced I had gone insane, they are family photo's for heaven's sake.  I kept telling myself to remember last years thrown together last minute photo & it's one of my favorites.  Why couldn't I just chill?

Then today it came to me
while getting good mom advice
it didn't hit me like a ton of bricks more like a slow snowfall

this could be our last 

our last family photo, our last family time, our last hug, our last kiss.

The husband and I have had many long talks about this, mostly dominated by joking & sarcasm.  And of course when I talk about it I laugh and tease and joke to the shock & horror of whom ever I am talking to.  But that's how I've dealt with this cloud over my head that was attached the minute the husband slipped the ring on my finger.

And now, who knows why (pms?) the tears won't stop.
I feel incredibly silly about it.  I mean the husband is still around, and the statistics say he's more likely to be killed on the freeway than where he's going.  

but still..
it happens & I think I'm a little scared

Saturday, July 17, 2010

little lovelies

You know what I should not do?  I should not go looking for a lunch box for Kail online.  I should stick with brown paper bags & be happy about them.  But I do go looking because I can't keep throwing paper bags in the trash & causing my inner environmentalist to freak out. And when I do look, I do not find a cool lunch box instead I find lots of other cool little kid things.  Blast! if only money grew on trees.
here are some of my latest finds:

        bookhou alphabet                                        Miller Goodman Playshapes          

basically all the books at Present & Correct

Kaiku super wagon & push pull

and you better believe I'm buying this Bednest (even if I have to fly to London to get it!) when I have my next little one.  I can not tell you how much I love my arms reach co-sleeper, but I always hated how I couldn't wash the padding on it. plus how beautiful is this one?  ahh dying!

and there are a hundred other things too. I need to set up a tumblr blog for all of them.

Monday, July 12, 2010

fun with kail & music

Kail is a self proclaimed music snob.
okay well I proclaimed him a music snob because he knows what he likes & what he doesn't & he's pretty sure that if he doesn't like it "they shouldn't play it, ever"
here are two new songs that he belts out at the top of his lungs
("when doesn't he belt?" you ask?  "touche")

I liked this one better as a non music video, because sometimes bad music video's get in the way

the airborne toxic event "sometime around midnight"

Love this bands drummer!

neon trees "animal" (viral version)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of

our 4th of July '10

Is it too much to ask for one good photo?
-yes, yes it is

Lily did not want to wear that dress (that I made) with those shorts, 
it's amazing what 1$ will buy you ;)

Jorgensen annual Cul-de-sac of FIRE!!

Kail doing his best to get in the way

Hugo & Kail

proof that the Husband was here

The (good looking) Saxtons

the Enforcer                                                       the trouble makers

it was unseasonably cold

with the 4th being on Sunday this year we were able to celebrate 3 days.
Saturday we celebrated with the Jorgensens
Sunday we celebrated with the ward
Monday we celebrated with the Hansens
and yes that is a lighter in Kail's hand.  My dad let him do everything.  He loved every minute!

This weekend we were lucky enough to have the husband home.  Niels was so excited and wouldn't leave his side for anything. We can't wait until the next visit!

4th of July....then

this is our July of 'o9

my sister Natalie was in town with her family in between moves these 3 are her girls

Nic's cute Kate & Sophie

what's the 4th without a pool-dance party!

Jorgensen annual Cul-de-sac of FIRE!!

clearly we had some pretty captivating if not down right exciting fireworks :)