Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of

our 4th of July '10

Is it too much to ask for one good photo?
-yes, yes it is

Lily did not want to wear that dress (that I made) with those shorts, 
it's amazing what 1$ will buy you ;)

Jorgensen annual Cul-de-sac of FIRE!!

Kail doing his best to get in the way

Hugo & Kail

proof that the Husband was here

The (good looking) Saxtons

the Enforcer                                                       the trouble makers

it was unseasonably cold

with the 4th being on Sunday this year we were able to celebrate 3 days.
Saturday we celebrated with the Jorgensens
Sunday we celebrated with the ward
Monday we celebrated with the Hansens
and yes that is a lighter in Kail's hand.  My dad let him do everything.  He loved every minute!

This weekend we were lucky enough to have the husband home.  Niels was so excited and wouldn't leave his side for anything. We can't wait until the next visit!


Melissa said...

Everything about this post makes me want to laugh and cry. First of all, I LOVE the cul-de-sac-of-fire. Why don't they have one here? Love the pics of your kids (you know I feel your pain) and Lily's dress. Love seeing everyone- even Gary- and yes, the Saxtons are beautiful.
What a great post. Thanks for putting on the pictures. I'm glad you got a dose of Gary, even if it was a quick one. We're thinking of you.

Devry said...

yeah i'm glad gary was home! your kids look so big i can't believe it! and kail looks just like chris!

Jana said...

Wow! Those Saxtons are good looking. Oh wait, never mind they both just look really tired. I love/hate that picture of Gary and Niels, it makes me sad, but happy. And I love that you have Dru as the enforcer, that was pretty funny. Poor Sam.

Yo Momma Lindsey said...

I LOVE the cul-de-sac-of-fire!!