Saturday, July 17, 2010

little lovelies

You know what I should not do?  I should not go looking for a lunch box for Kail online.  I should stick with brown paper bags & be happy about them.  But I do go looking because I can't keep throwing paper bags in the trash & causing my inner environmentalist to freak out. And when I do look, I do not find a cool lunch box instead I find lots of other cool little kid things.  Blast! if only money grew on trees.
here are some of my latest finds:

        bookhou alphabet                                        Miller Goodman Playshapes          

basically all the books at Present & Correct

Kaiku super wagon & push pull

and you better believe I'm buying this Bednest (even if I have to fly to London to get it!) when I have my next little one.  I can not tell you how much I love my arms reach co-sleeper, but I always hated how I couldn't wash the padding on it. plus how beautiful is this one?  ahh dying!

and there are a hundred other things too. I need to set up a tumblr blog for all of them.

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