Saturday, August 21, 2010

bragging rights

The husband is always saying I don't paint him in such good light on this blog of mine.  Well today I am undoing this with one broad stroke.

Ladies, my husband is tougher than yours.

And here's the proof:
The Discovery Channel is running a series called 'Surviving the Cut' giving "viewers unprecedented access inside the military's special forces training programs". They've done shows on the SFAS (the husband did this) & BUDS which the husband and I have watched. In this new program they will be showing US Army Rangers, the US Army Special Forces Scuba School(the husband was going to do this but couldn't because of his eye),  the USAF Pararescue School, Marine Force Recon, Navy EOD, &   Marine Sniper School(the husband went through this school just weeks after we were married- it is not pretty).

Wednesdays at 10. You know you want to watch, to see how awesome the husband is ;)

hat tip- blackfive milblog (link fixed)


Jana said...

For sure we will be watching. We are always fascinated at Gary's stories of what he went through at Sunday dinners.

Randy said...

That is pretty cool. I actually know one of the guys going through the Ranger school on this program. Pretty amazing what these guys go through.

courtney said...

janae - OF COURSE your husband is tougher than mine. was there ever any question? :)