Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Niels just turned into a little boy tonight
he's no longer my baby :(

doing his best risky business

Friday, September 17, 2010

if summer were a dessert

If summer were a dessert it would be warm and chocolate and gooey. You would be able to smell it well before the waiter brings it out. When it finally arrives at your table you would shed your cardigan and say "finally" out loud with a sigh. Everyone at your table nods & "hmmmm's" in agreement. Well everyone except Tiburon she's turned her nose up at the whole event and  prefers her gazpacho. But that's alright not everyone enjoys the way summer warms you from the inside out as you spoon it over your tongue.  Summer should be shared to truly enjoy it so everyone at your table shifts their summer to the right so you can have a taste of each others; a warm peach cobbler, fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookies, apple pie with a crumble top and lemon bars- the kind that reminds you of your piano teacher & how much you'd rather be outside with your friends than in her home playing "alouette". But thats what summer does, as you take each bite it reminds you of all the summers you've had before & somehow forgotten. After a few more tastes of different summers you return to yours. You and your friends all agree- summer would go well with lots of things: an outdoor wedding, a family barbecue, a picnic with your neighbors- what does summer not sound good with? After sitting and enjoying summer a while longer you take the last few bites and start feeling overly full. Summer no longer tastes as good as those first few bites. In fact now you are pretty much sick of it. You can't wait for the waiter to take summer away and bring your check so you can hurry home to sit in your backyard, wrap yourself in a warm blanket, start in on a new knitting project & watch the sun set, 
while drinking a tall cool glass of autumn.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

family photos

Here are a bunch of our photo's from our session with Heather Mildenstein.
She did such a great job!
enjoy ;)