Thursday, October 7, 2010

knit 1 for our soldiers

photo's from purl soho

It's that time of the year, time to warm up our knitting needles.  I love autumn!

I'm going to be knitting another scarf this year- maybe two, hopefully two- for our soldiers. One for my soldier and one for another.  I was speaking with the husband yesterday and he says it's starting to get cold in his part of the middle east. So if you would like to join me again this year here are the details:

> I'm donating through Operation Gratitude
> I would love to collect the scarves and send them all off together, if you'd like to do that you can contact me at:
> All scarves or hats must be in by the beginning of December
> The size restrictions for the scarves (for shipping purposes) are 5-7" across & 48-50" long- no fringe please
 >Simple is good.  
 >Only subtle colors please, tans, browns, blacks, grey and olives, dark blue for the Air force
 >No acrylic, rayon or other artificial yarns. It must be 100% wool. Acrylic melts when it burns & when it gets wet, it gets cold and nasty. Wool, even when wet, keeps the body warmth in. I'm told that the Cascade 220 superwash is warm, soft and washable. There are other washable wools too.
>They would like all handmade items to include a little note including an email or street address so the soldiers may respond if they have time.  A brief note is very important & will make your gift even more special

here is a link to Operation Gratitudes info on this
here is a link for a good scarf pattern (this is the one I used last year, super simple but you can use whatever you'd like)
*I hate that pattern, hate it.  It takes forever and uses a ton of yarn. I'll find a new one*
here is a link for some men's hats (one day I'll learn how)

There are other things that they are in need of you can go here to find out more

This is such a great way to show these men and women that we the American people haven't forgotten about them and their huge sacrifice for us and the people of Afghanistan.

the husband & Niels
taken the night before the husband left


Jana said...

Can I do anything for this cause if I can't knit and if I have not intention of learning to knit?

Melissa said...

Count us in! Macie and Tess and I were hoping to learn some knitting this winter, so if what we come up with is wearable, we'll send it your/their way. Thinking of you.

JaNae said...

jan, yes! they are always looking for monetary donations to help pay for shipping. candy & treats. even small stuffed animals. If you are looking to unload some of your kids webkins. the soldiers hand them out to the local kids along with treats. and also letters.
I told Gary to let me know if there were any soldiers he knew of who needed anything so hopefully he will.

Melissa- that's so great! thank you

Carolyn said...

Seeing that picture of Niels and Gary, makes me want to learn how to knit!!! You are so great!!!

courtney said...

i'm with jan - learning to knit (although i think i would probably like it) is not something i will do before the beginning of december! i read the info you gave jan and be sure to let me know if gary says that they need something specific!

Shelly said...

My daughter took that picture of your husband and son, and I melted the first time I saw it! I didn't realize this was you! I haven't knit in years, but I'm going to give it a good try. This is great to have something we can do to help. Thanks for the opportunity! If I really get some scarves done before the first of December I'll definitely send them on!