Monday, October 24, 2011

a family portrait

Niels had to draw a picture of his family for school.  
He came and showed it to me and was so proud that he included the new baby. But if you are good at math you might notice that someone is missing.  So we went through everyone in the picture. The family member not there is the husband.  I asked "where's dad?"  Niels answered, "he's gone." in a matter of fact way.
The husband has been "gone" for a little more than half of Niels' short life.
 And so I guess this is what happens.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

and one more makes four

well here's my little something

I'm 21 weeks
I just told the kids what we're having.
I bought the little converse and before they opened it I told them the shoes would be pink for a girl or blue for a boy.  Kail of course grabbed the box, ripped it open and started saying "boy boy boy!" and Lily burst into tears. Poor thing, she wanted a sister so badly (I wanted one for her too).  I was able to calm her down after a little while, now she's not as upset.
And I got it all on video :)

I'm due at the end of February.
but now comes the hard part- the name!
I'm open for suggestions.

Monday, August 29, 2011

what if

what if life was a little more perfect?
what if my marriage was one hundred percent amazing, with passion, and laughter and spontaneity, good communication, understanding, unselfishness and flowers?
what if my kids listened and cleaned up after themselves?
what if I had a garage?
what if I wasn't connected by walls to my neighbors?
what if I didn't have to worry about money?
what if I loved cleaning and organizing my house?
what if I was good at time management?
what if I could finish something?
what if my garden would produce something other than pumpkins this year?
what if I could I could be myself around everyone?
what if dreams came true?

but my life isn't even close
and I guess that's what makes life, life

but there's a little something on the horizon, that gives me pause and makes me smile
soon I'll share

cinderella pumpkin- the only thing growing in my garden this year

Saturday, July 9, 2011

my kids are triathletes

Triathlons are all the rage these days in the valley.  It used to be running marathons. Then it was road biking.  But now all those soccer moms have gotten bored and sick of being like everyone else with their Ragnar Relay stickers on their minivans, so they've turned to triathlons*. 
Including my younger sister.  But she makes her minivan look good.  So if Nic does it, it must be cool
love you Nic ;) !

But enough about trends in the UC.
*I am not in any way degrading or making fun of those who run in any marathon including the Ragnar Relay.  I only wish I was as hard working & focused as those people are.  You guys rock and I am lazy. 

My kids all competed in the first annual Ivory Ridge Junior Triathlon.  It was so much fun! and there's nothing cuter than seeing your child's eyes get as big as saucers when they have numbers written on them with permanent marker.

 little Yale was too young to compete but he will rock it when he is old enough.

The older kids; Kail, Lily & Kate, competed in all three events. They swam, then biked, then ran. 
The little guys; Sophie and Niels, just biked & ran in the little guy competition.
Since the two were at the same time the husband and Nic went with the older kids and I stuck with the younger ones. It was the cutest thing ever.

Niels kicked butt on his run bike.  He lapped the others a few times. Little Sophie was just happy to be there- in last place :).  But then they had to park the bikes and line up to run.  Poor Niels is not a runner. He lagged behind and kept Sophie company in last place. Seriously so cute.
But all was good in the end because they all received medals.
(not to dampen the fun of this but I really need to have a post on the "everyone is a winner" mentality that has taken over)  

There was some confusion on the different paths the older kids were to take once they started the running portion but it all worked out. And they had so much fun!  Kail wore his t-shirt and medal all day.  And when the kids were in the shower/tub they wanted to make sure their numbers didn't get washed off.  Lily wore her numbers proudly to church the next day too.  Making sure to choose a dress that wouldn't hide them.

Thanks Nic for inviting us! We can't wait for next year.  Hopefully you'll share with us all your newly learned triathlete skills

I had to add this last photo.  Some of the kids were really into it, I mean all decked out and they probably compete all over in junior triathlons.
And this dad is clearly hard core and had the right idea.  I'm purchasing one of these for each of my kids.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I have been neglecting my blog like crazy. 
I've been having some personal problems that I'm trying to work out.
I'm considering sharing, we'll see.

so, when you're feeling down the first order of business is having family over,
with impromptu picnics 
where minis must have at least 2 popsicles each while running wild
and best cousins are allowed to dig in & pig out.

This was an angel food cake that I let miss Lily and best cousin Kate just dig into. 
They figured they'd never been so lucky.

It's good to remember to forget things- even if just for a little while

Monday, May 23, 2011


I like my hair today.
I know what you're thinking- 'oh my gosh, how shallow'  guess what, I know.  but I don't care. 
Every now and then can't I stop trying to be mother teresa mixed with martha stewart and just worry about my hair? 'yes' you say?- thanks ;)

this photo was taken by my photographer in training.........

...............this guy (my golden child)

ps I just typed out this huge history of all my crazy haircuts explaining why it's kind of a big deal for me to finally be content with my hair but decided it's no fun without pictures. I'll have to wait to share when I get a scanner.  Oh the hairstyles I've had (LOL)!

cleaning up my act

I started a tumblr blog. because I wanted to keep this more about life and not awesome things I find online. Like the way some other blogs I love do it.  But Tumblr wasn't working for me the way I wanted it to. I decided Pinterest was want I wanted so I've moved all those great things I find and love and want and want to do over THERE.  so you really must go check it out.

But on Pinterest you can't add video, so I guess I'll be posting those awesome, funny, inspiring videos here.

Like this one

EF - Live The Language - Paris from Albin Holmqvist on Vimeo.

and this one


the anti app

Press Here by Herve Tullet

so cute

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

my birthday & other things

  Other things:

The husband left again. I had forgotten how nice it is to have someone else around to help out. I was enjoying being in the kitchen again- no more having to referee while cooking and cleaning in another room. Bedtime was no longer stressful- because the husband did it. I was able to sleep in!
And then he left and I had a break down.  It happened around dinner time.  The kids asked the dreaded question and then complained when I said "spaghetti".  That's when I lost it.  I screamed and yelled and maybe threw toys up the stairs, grounded them from the Wii for life and other things I'm not proud of. And then I told them that I quit and that they'd have to make their own dinner, then I marched myself up to my room and gave myself a time out. Of course I did remind them of the kitchen rules; no knives, no stove or oven. So they made cereal. Then they sent me a note saying they were sorry.  I felt bad but, it got my point through and the rest of the night they were angels (sort of).  I'm not sure what to take from this, other than I finally realized that sometimes my life is hard and breaks are needed.

my Birthday: 

I had another birthday.  I've never been a fan of it. Expectations get to be too high and then the let down is too much.  This year I had no expectations. The night before my younger sis, Nic, took me out to dinner at Pizzaria 712- why am I not documenting?  We always have a good time together. Then we ran down to the Bijou market, lots of cute stuff I didn't buy. 
 The morning of, I woke up to a snow storm. On the one hand- ugh, on the other- cancelled early morning soccer games (yea! & sleeping in). I slept in way too long.  Then headed down to my parents so they could take me out for my birthday dinner.  My younger brothers came along too.  We went to my restaurant of choice- La Jolla Groves at Riverwoods.  I have been craving their grilled salmon for months.  It did not disappoint- I should have taken a photo.  Then I got a birthday dessert- the lemon cake. Normally I choose chocolate, but this was to die for.  So so good.  They just so happened to be having a music thing going on at Riverwoods that day, right outside the restaurant.  When we finished eating we hung out- in the freezing cold- and watched Megan Joy perform. I really love her voice.  Later that night Jimmer was supposed to come and show off one of his major awards, then Sugar Ray was going to perform.  But not until 9:30.  And it was coooold and I had to get back and pay the babysitter.  So my brother Shawn and I returned to my parents house where my mom had instructed the babysitter that while we were gone, to help my kids decorate a cake.  It was so cute, with my name spelled wrong in purple frosting.  So my brother and my kids and I sang 'happy birthday' and I blew out my candles.  All in all it was a GREAT birthday.  
Better than expected.

This is a friend of my brother Gordon. His name is Sam and owns Sammy's. He helped getting the entertainment for the day. I've read about his shop on others blogs but have never gone. How great is THIS reception catered by his shop? I told him how I had heard about how great his food is from the blogging world. Then he proceeded to make a dig about middle aged mommy bloggers, and then asked my age- it was awkward.  But he's super nice so I won't hold it against him.

ps. all you young ladies- these fabulous good looking brothers of mine are single...

Thursday, March 31, 2011

our G.A.H. comes home

The husband came home, for a short visit.  He got into the states on friday night then called saturday morning saying he was coming home!  And he let it be known that absolutely no one other than me & the kids & his parents were to be at the airport- YEAH RIGHT!
I immediately texted everyone I thought would want/should be there and they all showed!! I told them to make sure to have signs.  And some brought balloons and flags.  
needless to say- it was AWESOME! haha!

 Lots of photos 
(my camera had been played with by my kids so the settings were off and I didn't realize until it was too late- baaaah.  But luckily Ashley (below) is offering me copies of hers)

good friends the Kunics & the Blairs.
Carolyn brought those flowers for me- so nice!!

Family from both sides
the Harrison-Hansen's ;) and the Jorgensens & the Saxtons

My dad holding court 

My videographers Shawn & Drew

Yay for signs- anything to make this more embarrassing for the husband

Waiting waiting waiting....

the crowd

getting the crowd warmed up! 
and this doesn't even begin to capture the uproar we created at SLC international.
We whooped and hollered his whole escalator ride down. Even passer-bys got in on the excitement

 Gary bypassed all of us to give the first hug to his heterosexual life partner.
Kidding!! I was hugging and kissing (and maybe crying) so picture taking was not my first priority. but luckily I got my wits about me again and grabbed my camera because I had to get a picture of this! I'm sure there were sweet nothings whispered ;)

Lily was embarrassed, poor thing too much attention on her. She at first would not go to Gary and got upset when I tried to make her.  Eventually she warmed up and gave him a sort-of hug. albeit with this look of disgust on her face.

Oh my little Niels.  I warned the husband to not be too upset if Niels wouldn't go to him.  But I shouldn't have worried.  Niels asked about his dad every 3 hours in the couple of weeks leading up to this and would hardly let his dad go as soon as he got a hold of him.

It was such a fun night!! and I can not thank everyone enough for showing up!!!

I love you all