Saturday, January 1, 2011

my home

It is time for me to move.  I've been saying this for at least 5 years now so don't read into that.  The husband and I had a 5 year plan to stay in this house and move on, but this home is the only thing that doesn't bring out the husband's ADD- go figure.
But as much as I want out, when I really think about it I do love this house.  We've had so many great things happen here so I guess I'll show you some things I'm loving about it.

(super randomness is about to begin)

First off the location is awesome.  Other than living at the entrance to the neighborhood I live almost right across the street from the dumpster & the mailboxes. I know you don't understand how awesome this is but trust me those suckers shlepping their trash up the street through the snow can only dream about living in such close proximity. Plus the garbage truck has entertained my kids on more than one occasion.  The garbage man should sell tickets to the neighborhood kids- he'd make a killing.
 But the best part by far is that I have a park as my backyard.  It is so nice to let the kids run free & check on them from my kitchen window. And the view is always gorgeous, Lehi has the best skies around.

these are taken from my back porch

Speaking of my backyard, this past summer I finally got my grow boxes in, thanks to my in-laws & my dad.  No thanks to my husband, it was the one thing he was supposed to accomplish before he left.
I grew some awesome tomatoes, yummy carrots, delicious lemon cucumbers, sweet sweet peas but mostly eggplant- lots of eggplant, but the cutest little eggplant ever.
it's all about the square foot gardening.


Inside I've been changing some things and hopefully will finally get this house to be a little bit more the way I want it.  At the beginning of the year, one of those times the husband was away, I painted a chalkboard on a wall in my kitchen.  I highly recommend doing this it was easy & the kids love love love it.  And it helps with homework. 
here Lily is teaching school- so cute

Another project was the floor & also after the husband left.  And boy was it a project!  Scraping up the subfloor was a Nightmare (with a capital N!) Luckily I had my super awesome, amazing friend Carolyn show up to help and thank goodness she did I was about in tears, she saved my behind!
THANK YOU CAROLYN!!! I LOVE YOU!!! (and if I ever do move you are coming with me!)
  There were about five million staples, I'm not sure why the builders thought it was necessary.  By the end of the day our hands were numb and arms were jello.  So I made the executive decision that I didn't care how much it cost, the flooring guys were going to do the rest.  
Oh yes and we found mold! stupid builders

But once the new floor was in it was all worth it because it is beautiful & I love it & it's so much better than the ugly tile-then-carpet-then-linoleum.

But one of the very very best things about our home is our awesome neighbors.  We live next to one of the best families there ever was.  They have blessed me in so many ways.  I adore the Hostettors and when or if we ever move I'm going to insist I pack them up and take them with us.
This day in July they had invited Lily & Kail to a Bees game.  

Oh and I made some blueberry crumble muffins once, they were so good I ate almost every single one
& no house is truly a home until you make blueberry muffins and eat them all

But I'm sure I could pull myself away from this wonderful place if you waved a garage under my nose
A garage, a garage- my kingdom for a garage!


Janet said...

O I love love love your floors and your chalkboard in your kitchen!

Sarah said...

If you do move, move into my place! That way you could still stay in the 'hood. No playground in the backyard, but there is a fence!

PS I LOVE the floors and chalkboard too. I'd have a hard time leaving those for sure.

shellie said...

now I'm craving blueberry muffins, those look yummy.

I want to steal your floor and put in my house....beautiful!

Carolyn said...

Oh Janae...I really do think we should buy a huge lot and then live next to each other forever...the husbands would love it...and so would we!!!
P.S. Nice working girl pictures!!!!

Hostetters said...

Yes, I'm a little late at reading this blog... but can i just say DIDO!!! I love it!!! My 5 years or 5 kids plan is turning into 6 kids LEAST 6 years;) Sure love you!!!

Kelly said...

I'm packing my bags and moving West. Look at that sky!!