Friday, February 11, 2011

i want to be a flower farmer

This store marigold & mint not only sell the flowers, they grow them 
how great would it be when someone asks "what do you do?" & you get to say
"I'm a flower farmer"


Kelly said...

You know how you dream of quitting your job and doing something awesome (it can't just be me, right?) This has been added to the list. Flower farmer, English teacher in a 3rd world country, baker, fishing boat captain...the list continues. And I take suggestions :)

You Are My Fave said...

My husband has this idea that we're going to live on a farm and I told him I would on one condition, we could just have rows and rows of flowers. That, and somebody else does all the weeding.

JaNae said...

Kelly- yes!! well I don't really have a job to quit- my mom & wife duties would follow me but yes how fun to just drop my life and do something different, something wonderful- check out my friend Megan Knorpp---> listed under 'blogs to bemuse' she and her family just moved and are starting their dream of being gentleman farmers

You are my fave- I'll come weed for you! seriously I love weeding, it's very therapeutic