Monday, February 28, 2011

miss Olivia

This is my niece Olivia.  I wanted my sister to name her Olive but her husband won that fight- how rude!  
My sister asked me to take some photos of her in her blessing gown.  And the consensus is- I need to take more photography classes.  Luckily she is a cute baby and her cuteness makes up for my lack of skills.

Miss Olivia had an exciting birth.  She was 10 lb. 14 oz. my older sister who had her is not equipped with a body to accommodate such large birthing circumstances (read; petite).  But all turned out well &a this baby & her mom are healthy and happy!  

This blessing dress was my Grandfathers (my mom's dad).  Olivia's mom was blessed in this dress (if I remember correctly) and now Olivia has been.  There's nothing I love more than generational hand-me-downs. It's worth it to invest in beautiful kids clothing.


Tiffany said...

She is adorable,and I love the blessing gown. 10lb 14 ozs! Say WHAT???? That is crazy, your poor sister.

mother2midwife said...

This is "the sister"... and it was crazy! And, yes, poor me ;)

But, she made up for it, because she is the BeSt baby!

And, yes, I was blessed in this christening gown.

I Love JJ's photos of Olivia!!!