Thursday, March 31, 2011

our G.A.H. comes home

The husband came home, for a short visit.  He got into the states on friday night then called saturday morning saying he was coming home!  And he let it be known that absolutely no one other than me & the kids & his parents were to be at the airport- YEAH RIGHT!
I immediately texted everyone I thought would want/should be there and they all showed!! I told them to make sure to have signs.  And some brought balloons and flags.  
needless to say- it was AWESOME! haha!

 Lots of photos 
(my camera had been played with by my kids so the settings were off and I didn't realize until it was too late- baaaah.  But luckily Ashley (below) is offering me copies of hers)

good friends the Kunics & the Blairs.
Carolyn brought those flowers for me- so nice!!

Family from both sides
the Harrison-Hansen's ;) and the Jorgensens & the Saxtons

My dad holding court 

My videographers Shawn & Drew

Yay for signs- anything to make this more embarrassing for the husband

Waiting waiting waiting....

the crowd

getting the crowd warmed up! 
and this doesn't even begin to capture the uproar we created at SLC international.
We whooped and hollered his whole escalator ride down. Even passer-bys got in on the excitement

 Gary bypassed all of us to give the first hug to his heterosexual life partner.
Kidding!! I was hugging and kissing (and maybe crying) so picture taking was not my first priority. but luckily I got my wits about me again and grabbed my camera because I had to get a picture of this! I'm sure there were sweet nothings whispered ;)

Lily was embarrassed, poor thing too much attention on her. She at first would not go to Gary and got upset when I tried to make her.  Eventually she warmed up and gave him a sort-of hug. albeit with this look of disgust on her face.

Oh my little Niels.  I warned the husband to not be too upset if Niels wouldn't go to him.  But I shouldn't have worried.  Niels asked about his dad every 3 hours in the couple of weeks leading up to this and would hardly let his dad go as soon as he got a hold of him.

It was such a fun night!! and I can not thank everyone enough for showing up!!!

I love you all

Saturday, March 26, 2011

i can breathe again

the husband is stateside
and soon to be on his way home for a short visit.
i really better get to cleaning my house

some fun family photos taken the night before he left 

Friday, March 18, 2011

slightly obsessive list making

because of the amazing response I received on my last post all about food storage & preparedness  :P  I thought you'd all like to see how my list is progressing 

* how could I leave out fishing gear?? I've got a river in my backyard!
 I'll have to go steal my fly rod back from my brother

the husband has got his work cut out for him when he gets back

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

if ye are prepared ye shall not fear- D&C 38:30

I can't stop watching the footage of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
It breaks my heart for them, then it freaks me out.

So I am going to do my best to start getting our food storage &a 72 hr kits together. Of course that whole undertaking alone is freaking me out too.  

But I know that when I am prepared I'll no longer have that fear.  I know it will still be scary if and when the big one hits* but I know that if I have done all I can to prepare for it, I'll be able to handle it better and to help others who might be worse off.

here's my list so far- 
(it's random & non-orderly)
(this is so far without the influence of research)
(can I just tell you, the husband says "my food storage consists of a gun & a ward list -oh Gary)

water /water purification
fuel for stove & heater
solar chargers /batteries
plastic & tape for windows
toilet paper
cleaning supplies
tooth paste /tooth brushes
work gloves
garbage bags
guns /bullets
wheat /wheat grinder
baking powder /baking soda
meal plan
fire extinguishers
seeds- fruit /veggies
gold fish crackers

Oh I just ran across THIS blog found via the blog a room somewhere it's written by a military wife who is living in Japan.  And so I have added some things to my list:
peanut butter
(and maybe even looking into beeswax sheets)
oh and I remembered I want to have laminated copies of all of our important papers- birth cert./ss cards/ insurance info/ etc.

The post I linked to has some great insight into what it's like and what is needed most and other practical things to know after an earthquake.  Plus I learned that Japan has an anti-hoarding law, so the people there can't have food storage- what?? Hopefully after this disaster they will rethink that one.

Now just so you don't think we're completely unprepared we do have a lot of these items just not specifically for our food storage- not that they need to be but, my storage needs to be organized and it would be nice to store these things we have along with everything else.

Oh and I know there's not a lot of food on my food storage list, but that will come later when I get my meals planned and figure out exactly what we need.  One thing that really frustrates me about this is that we eat mainly fresh food, so it's hard for me to imagine eating things from cans. But I'll get over that when I'm starving.

*let's talk about the 'big one' shall we? Okay ever since I can remember people in the UC, and I guess all of northern Utah have been talking and scaring little children about the big earthquake that is going to come.  I clearly remember in my 7th grade science class my teacher scaring the class to death with his wonderful theatrics and stories of the 'big one'  One day he took a yard stick and held it half way on a desk then had a student bend down the half hanging off and keep bending it down until - snap crackle pop! it splintered then broke in two.  the lesson was about the energy being built up at a fault line and how that energy is released.  That was almost 20 years (eeeek, I'm old) ago.  So we're still waiting. And I'm sure there are 7th grade science teachers all over the UC just loving that it hasn't happened yet.

And if I haven't fully scared you yet, I'll leave you with these video's

if you know of any good sites or anything I'm missing on my list let me know!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

mary, mary quite contrary

I've just finished ordering seeds for my garden this year- yay!!! And I know it's a tad late in the year for that (I see all you garden experts shaking your heads). Give me a break, I've had a busy month, next year I'll do better.  
I'll share my giant list with you as soon as they arrive.  I'm pretty excited. 

I heard once that the thing you obsess about in your free time is your passion.  In my free time and non-free time I obsess about plants & gardens, so I guess my passion in life is gardening.  Some days I wish I would obsess about cooking, or baking or picture taking or cleaning, or dish washing or laundry doing.  But sadly they are not.  

I'm trying to get my kids involved & excited about gardening and hopefully they will -somebody has got to pull the weeds ;).  I'm putting in one more growbox that will be for the kids & some of their friends to plant the giant sunflowers I've been promising for the last 2 years. 
Also I might be doing some gorilla gardening, that I know the kids will love!

As I was searching the internet and drooling over plants, I ran across this cute Stone Soup Kit.
This would be so fun to plant with the kids in pots on my non-existant patio. And then read the book and hopefully the kids would learn lots and lots of lessons & the importance of hard work (a mom can dream can't she?).  

For our new reading time book (I'll elaborate about that in another post) we are reading The Secret Garden

It was my favorite as a child.  But with all the Yorkshire accents going on, this is a hard read aloud (I'm terrible at accents) 
seriously, try reading this out loud:
'Where has tha' been, tha' cheeky little beggar?' he said. 'I've not seen thee before today. Has tha' begun tha' courtin' this early in th' season? Tha'rt too for'ard.'
how did you do? probably better than me

What's your passion?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

not learning my lesson

I am not learning my lessons from yesterday.  Well it doesn't help that I just received the new j.crew catalog or that they have the most beautiful swimsuits or that I can't stop dreaming about warmer weather or that the day I start pms-ing is the day I decided to start my new exercise regime. (i will get skinny I will get skinny!  okay I should say "in shape" but really I want to get skinny) 
Maybe if these photos don't send me completely over the pms edge they will inspire me to keep up my new healthier, green smoothie drinking, calorie counting, lifestyle.

this is my all time favorite.  I love the one-shoulder silhouette & the ruching & the throwback, over the hips, hemline.

This is more 70's meets the French Rivera, now all I need is the boob job to pull it off.

I just bought this one.  and don't fret I'll be wearing mine with the optional strap, my girls need all the help they can get after nursing 3 minis

 and this has nothing to do with the other, but I think this girl is sooooooooo pretty.  
I've decided that if I had to change my ethnicity, I would choose to be hers. 
And if that's racist I'm sorry.

j.crew love: one <> two <> three <> four

you know what I should not do?

  1. I should not write posts late at night
  2. I should not publish posts when I haven't thoroughly proofread them
  3. I should not look at blogs to avoid paying my bills so I can see that money sit in my account longer
  4. I should not look at blogs when I'm hating my house
  5. I should not look at blogs when I'm already not liking myself 
  6. I should not look at a blog, see a cute girl, love her bangs then cut mine to look like hers
  7. I should not forget that the next day after cutting my bangs, I am most likely going to run into my sister who is a hairdresser, and she's going to see my handiwork
  8. I should not forget that people are cute because of their genetics & who they are & not because of their bangs
  9. I should not let my pms run my life
  10. and most importantly I should not forget that this is most likely going to happen every month