Saturday, March 12, 2011

mary, mary quite contrary

I've just finished ordering seeds for my garden this year- yay!!! And I know it's a tad late in the year for that (I see all you garden experts shaking your heads). Give me a break, I've had a busy month, next year I'll do better.  
I'll share my giant list with you as soon as they arrive.  I'm pretty excited. 

I heard once that the thing you obsess about in your free time is your passion.  In my free time and non-free time I obsess about plants & gardens, so I guess my passion in life is gardening.  Some days I wish I would obsess about cooking, or baking or picture taking or cleaning, or dish washing or laundry doing.  But sadly they are not.  

I'm trying to get my kids involved & excited about gardening and hopefully they will -somebody has got to pull the weeds ;).  I'm putting in one more growbox that will be for the kids & some of their friends to plant the giant sunflowers I've been promising for the last 2 years. 
Also I might be doing some gorilla gardening, that I know the kids will love!

As I was searching the internet and drooling over plants, I ran across this cute Stone Soup Kit.
This would be so fun to plant with the kids in pots on my non-existant patio. And then read the book and hopefully the kids would learn lots and lots of lessons & the importance of hard work (a mom can dream can't she?).  

For our new reading time book (I'll elaborate about that in another post) we are reading The Secret Garden

It was my favorite as a child.  But with all the Yorkshire accents going on, this is a hard read aloud (I'm terrible at accents) 
seriously, try reading this out loud:
'Where has tha' been, tha' cheeky little beggar?' he said. 'I've not seen thee before today. Has tha' begun tha' courtin' this early in th' season? Tha'rt too for'ard.'
how did you do? probably better than me

What's your passion?

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Melissa said...

I can't remember, but you just reminded me that I need to get started on the garden...