Wednesday, March 2, 2011

not learning my lesson

I am not learning my lessons from yesterday.  Well it doesn't help that I just received the new j.crew catalog or that they have the most beautiful swimsuits or that I can't stop dreaming about warmer weather or that the day I start pms-ing is the day I decided to start my new exercise regime. (i will get skinny I will get skinny!  okay I should say "in shape" but really I want to get skinny) 
Maybe if these photos don't send me completely over the pms edge they will inspire me to keep up my new healthier, green smoothie drinking, calorie counting, lifestyle.

this is my all time favorite.  I love the one-shoulder silhouette & the ruching & the throwback, over the hips, hemline.

This is more 70's meets the French Rivera, now all I need is the boob job to pull it off.

I just bought this one.  and don't fret I'll be wearing mine with the optional strap, my girls need all the help they can get after nursing 3 minis

 and this has nothing to do with the other, but I think this girl is sooooooooo pretty.  
I've decided that if I had to change my ethnicity, I would choose to be hers. 
And if that's racist I'm sorry.

j.crew love: one <> two <> three <> four

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Kelly said...

I love that teal bathing suit. You'll rock it!