Wednesday, March 2, 2011

you know what I should not do?

  1. I should not write posts late at night
  2. I should not publish posts when I haven't thoroughly proofread them
  3. I should not look at blogs to avoid paying my bills so I can see that money sit in my account longer
  4. I should not look at blogs when I'm hating my house
  5. I should not look at blogs when I'm already not liking myself 
  6. I should not look at a blog, see a cute girl, love her bangs then cut mine to look like hers
  7. I should not forget that the next day after cutting my bangs, I am most likely going to run into my sister who is a hairdresser, and she's going to see my handiwork
  8. I should not forget that people are cute because of their genetics & who they are & not because of their bangs
  9. I should not let my pms run my life
  10. and most importantly I should not forget that this is most likely going to happen every month 


Bennet said...

Were you blog stalking me again?

HAH! I crack myself up.

Seriously I hear you about reading blogs being hazardous to your emotional health.

Kelly said...

Oh, I think they look good!

JaNae said...

Bennet- I always blog stalk you. Normally i don't get too caught up the in blog envy but it happens around the same time each month- normally the same time I start yelling at my kids more & eating too much chocolate ;)

Kelly- why thank you, you're my new favorite person

Stephanie said...

JaNae I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bangs! I am grateful for that PMS of yours if it made you do that! Your one beautiful chica!!

Tiffany said...

Ooohh I like them! Good job JaNae. I'm sooo close to cutting bangs, but scared. Oh and I'm sure you wont be pms'ing for long.

Lindsey said...

This whole post makes me so crazy unbelievably happy I can't even stand it. You are awesome and BEAUTIFUL!