Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I have been neglecting my blog like crazy. 
I've been having some personal problems that I'm trying to work out.
I'm considering sharing, we'll see.

so, when you're feeling down the first order of business is having family over,
with impromptu picnics 
where minis must have at least 2 popsicles each while running wild
and best cousins are allowed to dig in & pig out.

This was an angel food cake that I let miss Lily and best cousin Kate just dig into. 
They figured they'd never been so lucky.

It's good to remember to forget things- even if just for a little while


Nicole said...

Thanks again for being such a great sister!!!!

Kat said...

That sounds like the best thing ever! You are a great mom and have the funnest ideas. I miss you!