Monday, October 24, 2011

a family portrait

Niels had to draw a picture of his family for school.  
He came and showed it to me and was so proud that he included the new baby. But if you are good at math you might notice that someone is missing.  So we went through everyone in the picture. The family member not there is the husband.  I asked "where's dad?"  Niels answered, "he's gone." in a matter of fact way.
The husband has been "gone" for a little more than half of Niels' short life.
 And so I guess this is what happens.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

and one more makes four

well here's my little something

I'm 21 weeks
I just told the kids what we're having.
I bought the little converse and before they opened it I told them the shoes would be pink for a girl or blue for a boy.  Kail of course grabbed the box, ripped it open and started saying "boy boy boy!" and Lily burst into tears. Poor thing, she wanted a sister so badly (I wanted one for her too).  I was able to calm her down after a little while, now she's not as upset.
And I got it all on video :)

I'm due at the end of February.
but now comes the hard part- the name!
I'm open for suggestions.